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After you have completed your learning for the day, sit down with your parent, or learning guide, and go over what you worked on that day. Your learning guide will provide you with feedback on your work and help you set a purposeful goal for the next day.

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Literature Based Language Arts


Real World Learning Applications

What’s Covered


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Purposeful Learning

Discover the ultimate purposeful curriculum for level 6 homeschoolers, meticulously crafted by an experienced, Masters Degree holding, education professional. This comprehensive program offers hassle-free learning with ready-to-use materials that seamlessly fit into your home based learning routine. With a focus on engaging and interactive lessons, our curriculum ensures that your child’s educational journey is both enriching and enjoyable. Each module is thoughtfully designed to align with the unique needs of level 6 students, covering essential subjects such as mathematics, the language arts, and real world learning applications. This independent learning program is handcrafted to provide a well-rounded educational experience that fosters critical thinking, creativity, and academic growth. Elevate your homeschooling with our expertly designed purposeful curriculum, tailored to meet the needs of your level-6 learner.

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Discover the freedom of our purposeful homeschooling curriculum designed for modern families. With hassle-free planning and engaging lessons, the Savvy Kids Academy program fosters independent thinking, cultivates a growth mindset, and ignites a love for learning. Covering key subjects like math & language arts, this well-rounded curriculum ensures a comprehensive education. Embrace the convenience of homeschooling with this expertly crafted program, providing an enriching educational experience from the comfort of your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Savvy Kid Academy?

This curriculum is centered around students working toward independence in their learning based on 4 pillars of success: Gratitude, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Growth Mindset. Each workday will include:

  • A reading assignment – students complete the assigned reading and respond to questions in a Reading Notebook
  • A lesson in math – students use Saxon Math – tutorial videos for each lesson are embedded into the curriculum
  • An explore assignment – students build research skills through weekly research topics and demonstrate what they’ve learned through presentations, decision making scenarios, projects and responses in an Explore Notebook


There are 120 days of lessons total and the schedule is flexible, however it is meant to be implemented as a 4-Day a week system.

What are the responsibilities of the student and the learning guide while using this curriculum?

Daily Student Responsibility

  • Log into the Savvy Kid Academy webpage.
  • Click the current workday
  • Complete assigned reading block and respond in Reading Notebook (about a 1 hour commitment)
  • Complete assigned math block using video tutorials as needed (about a 1 hour commitment)
  • Complete assigned explore block (about a 1 hour commitment)
  • Log out
  • Meet with learning guide to receive feedback on their work from each block


Daily Learning Guide Responsibility

  • The responsibility of the learning guide is to encourage each student to become capable of self-sufficiency in their learning
  • As a student completes their day, the learning guide is responsible for giving the student feedback on their work.
    • Mark their writing for errors
    • Go over any misconceptions or errors in math
    • Have deeper discussions over any of the content
    • Encourage student to ask any questions
    • Set a goal for the next workday
What will need to be provided by me?

You will need to provide the books for all reading assignments (4 novels).

You will need to provide the Saxon Math workbook

You will need to provide some basic supplies and equipment for a small number of explore projects

If you elect not to purchase the Guided Notebook Package, you will need to provide (2) blank notebooks for students to record their responses to their reading and explore assignments

Is there a demo available?

Yes, you can find the demo here.   [insert demo link]




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